• Introduction to Python: ICPSR Summer Program 2020 (2 sessions)
    The ICPSR Summer Program is offered annually at the University of Michigan since 1963. As part of the program, I virtually taught a 10-day introductory course on Python. I developed the syllabus, instruction materials, quiz questions, and group exercises. I conducted two sessions of the course, one in July and another in August.
  • Flask Bootcamp 2018 (cotaught with Sonakshi Watel)
    The 3-day bootcamp introduced participants to interactive web app development using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. We used Flask, a Python MVC framework. We developed the course materials and guided the participants into executing their app ideas.


  • SI 370: Data Exploration (Fall 2020)
    SI370 is an undergraduate machine learning course that covering topics in data visualizations, ML pipelines, and NLP. As a GSI, I conducted office hours, prepared weekly quiz questions, and graded course assignments.
  • SI 206: Data-Oriented Programming (Winter 2017, Fall 2019)
    SI206 is an undergraduate programming course covering topics in debugging, unit testing, and Git. I taught weekly discussion sections, ran office hours, and prepared assignments.
    Nominated for the Best GSI Award
  • SI 364: Building Interactive Applications (Fall 2017, Winter 2018)
    The course used Flask to cover topics in interactive web application development. I prepared and taught the content for the weekly discussion sections. Grading its projects has been one of my favorite things in grad school :-)
    Nominated for the Best GSI Award
  • UMSI Django Bootcamp 2017
    This was a 3-day long bootcamp where participants were introduced to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern using Python's Django framework. I assisted the students in troubleshooting, debugging, and developing their project ideas.